Seagrove – A Matter of Attitude

Seagrove – A Matter of Attitude

Seagrove Beach Florida is more than a place. It is a daily way of life. Seagrove is an attitude of refreshing simplicity. Seagrove serves up the beauty of the basics: friendly locals, family-centric fun, and uncomplicated, uncontrived recreation centered on the eye-catching nature.

The beach at Seagrove has been acclaimed the “Nation’s Best Beach” among almost 600 beaches in the U.S. The criteria for the designation were based on the beach’s natural beauty, sand quality, water temperatures, accessibility and un-crowded environment. The beach at Seagrove invites residents and visitors to spend hours relaxing on the beach under an umbrella or building sandcastles.

Seagrove – A Natural Lifestyle

Seagrove Beach caters to the outdoor life. The town was named for the thick canopy of windswept sand pines, oaks, magnolias, and hickories surrounding it. Nearby Eastern Lake provides the ideal venue for fishing, Yolo boarding, canoeing, and kayaking.

Seagrove Beach and the area surrounding have some of the world’s most wonderful and exquisitely complex waterways, including two rare coastal dune lakes – Eastern Lake and Deer Lake. These bodies of water teem with hundreds of different fish species, coral and other marine life. Anglers and divers alike enjoy exceptional saltwater and freshwater sport.

Deer Lake State Park is named for the coastal dune lake within its boundaries. Coastal dune lakes are extremely rare around the world and found only along the gulf coast in the U.S. A boardwalk across the dunes gives visitors a great view of Gulf Coast Lupine, pitcher plants, and spoonflower. Residents and guests can interact with a dozen natural ecosystems found within the park.

To the north Seagrove Beach is bordered by Point Washington State Forest; 15,000 acres crossed by ten miles of trails. Bicyclists, hikers and nature lovers alike can enjoy sightings of red-cockaded woodpecker or gopher tortoise. One of the most popular trails extends from Eastern Lake to Cassine Garden. Most importantly, this state forest, along with Deer Lake State Park ensures Seagrove will remain the way it began in 1939 – an unspoiled retreat to nature.

Seagrove – Simply Hop on Your Bike and Go

Everything in Seagrove is within walking distance. The preferred mode of transportation is old-fashioned bicycling. Seagrove has miles of scenic nature trails laid out for exploring. Walk, bike or jog. Your choice. In fact, a bike is the perfect way to explore all of 30-A, as the scenic bike trail stretches the entire 18 miles of this corridor from Rosemary Beach to Seaside, WaterColor, Watersound, Seacrest, Blue Mountain, Grayton and Dune Allen. Bike trails wind through Grayton Beach State Park and Deer Lake State Park. Rental bikes are available for as little as $15 a day. A wide array of bikes are offered in the area, including beach cruiser bikes, kid’s bikes, tandem bikes, and adult trikes for those of us who are balance-challenged. If pedaling is not your thing, Big Fish Bike Rentals offers electric bikes. 30-A Bike Rentals will deliver your bikes directly to your residence, and also rents beach wheelchairs fitted with umbrellas.

Seagrove – Home Style

Homes in Seagrove tune in to nature. They are not known for their street address, but rather are named by proud owners for the nature around them, giving their residences names such as Pelican Watch, Stargazer, Dolphin’s Run, and Dune Drifter. Other homes are given artsy, “tongue in cheek” monikers such as Sugar Paws, “All About Fun”, Marmalade House, Mellow Yellow, “The Other Place”, “Pie in the Sky” and “Out of Sight”. Whatever the name, the home style of Seagrove ranges from the original cottages from a half-century ago to the newly-built retro-styled homes of NatureWalk and an eclectic mix in between. From colorful beach villas to stucco Mediterranean-style estates, Seagrove Beach homes share a singular trait – they cater to the outdoor life.

Seagrove – Cool and Casual

Though many consider Seagrove’s beach its biggest attraction, there is more to the town than just sand pails, flip-flops and beach blankets. There are also many other recreation options like great eateries and chic galleries and beach lifestyle shops. Think cool and creative. Expect casual refinement. Look for a bit of cheeky humor. Add it all together and you have an idea of Seagrove’s gathering places.

Home-grown market shops have kept an attitude of lively, inventive expression. The Perfect Pig Gourmet Market is one of them. This family-friendly eatery and shop serves great food affordably priced all day. Walls lined with gourmet foods allow diners to purchase ingredients found in the restaurant’s award winning barbeque cooked by its three-time world champion pit master. Outside a lovely patio enables patrons to take in 30-A’s scenery and people-watch to their heart’s content.

Another local favorite is the Seagrove Village Market Café. Their grouper sandwich was named in Garden & Gun magazine’s list of “100 Things You Must Eat Before You Die”. This café serves up some of the best deep-fried seafood in the area.

Another eatery-market combination is the Cowgirl Kitchen Market. This market has become a mainstay for residents and vacationers looking for freshly prepared home cooking without having to be in the kitchen themselves. It sells “take out” casseroles, prepared breakfast sausage balls, and a variety of grab-and-go dips such as Artichoke Green Chili dip, Texas Caviar, and Smoked Tuna Dip. If your day at the beach has grown into a full-fledge party, then you will want to stop by the Cowgirl Kitchen Market on the way home.

The market also provides more than its soft specialty cheeses and boutique charcuterie from Creminelli and Olli, it is a go-to place for giftware for the hostess or cook. Handmade glassware, Casafina dishes, olive wood bowls, and Italian cookware are just a few of their offerings. Besides home and kitchen décor from around the world, the market also pays attention to local purveyors such as looking to Bonifay’s Southern Craft Creamery for its glorious ice cream.

The Cowgirl Kitchen Market and other locally-owned shops surround the 723 Whiskey Bravo Bistro & Bar. This bistro bar represents itself as a “cool, casual, and coastal restaurant” and has built a loyal fan base that grows daily. It has a rooftop deck with panoramic views of the each day’s show-stopping sunset. Destin Magazine recently cited the bistro’s rooftop deck as “The Best Outdoor Bar”, and is a 30A Hot Spot for outdoor and Gulf view dining. The menu features “salad entrees” such as Victoria Salad served up with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette and topped with a fresh Angus Beef patty; a Crispy Duck Spinach Salad; a Crispy Calamari Salad, and Tortilla Chicken Salad topped with red chili-glazed chicken breast. Lunch offers an assortment of fresh wraps such as Salmon BLT, seafood sandwiches and classic burgers. A favorite of evening diners is Chef Alan’s signature local fish feature. And, if you dine early between 5-6 pm, there is a 2-for-1 menu available downstairs.

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