Tips for Relocating

Tips for Relocating

Moving can be difficult at anytime. When you are moving to another state, it is even more daunting.

Here are a few tips for relocating that can make your move easier. The more you plan ahead the better moving day will be and the better your arrival in your new home will be. Planning ahead can also cut down your relocation costs!

Take what you need and leave the rest

Start early and sort through your clothes and things. Get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn and the things you haven’t used in six months by having a garage sale or donating them. This will lighten the load and lower your transport and storage costs. You will also start with a clean slate in your new home.

Label, Label, Label

You can help your movers by organizing and labeling your belongings. If you’ve labeled them the movers will be able to unpack them in the right place once you’ve relocated. If you don’t wish to label all the contents, at least be sure to label the boxes with the room where they belong.

It pays to shop moving companies

Don’t focus on just the fees and prices of a certain company-outline to them your requirements and ask for a quote. You are always better off to know beforehand what you will need to pay to relocate. Submit your quotes to different moving companies and you will be able to get the cheapest deal. When you get your quotes the information from the different moving companies themselves will give you great tips of what is required for moving from state to state.

File for your change of address early

Be sure to file all your change of address paperwork early to make it becomes permanent before you are in that new state. You will find the forms at your local post office, and it takes a few weeks to be processed. Don’t forget to give all your friends and family members your updated contact information.

Prepare everything for your pets

Be sure to prepare for relocating your pets. Make sure of the laws in the state you are moving to and that they allow the type and breed of pet you own. Make sure that your pet has all updated vaccinations and shots. Buy carriers and crates for your dog or cat and line them with blankets so they are comfortable on the trip. Chart your stops in order that you may walk your dog.

Transfer your accounts

Transfer your utility accounts and financial accounts before you move out of state. If your bank has branches where you are relocating to, be sure that they do not require you to make changes. If not, research the banks in the area you are moving to and set up those accounts ahead of the move. Make sure you have the local utilities set up so you do not face any complications with the electricity, gas, or cable when you arrive to your new home.

Take the Valuables with You

Take jewelry, money, checkbooks and credit cards, important tax documents and legal paperwork with you when you make the trip rather than having the movers take them with the rest of your household items. Keep track the all of these items to make sure they personally arrive at your new home with you.

Plan Your Trip Out in Advance

Plan ahead so that you can get the best prices in hotel reservations as you travel to your new home. In general, hotels will be less expensive in medium sized towns. Shop on the internet for your rooms and you will be able to save more money. Take advantage of reading the reviews online. It will help you avoided any unpleasant surprises.

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